How to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality?

We all love WhatsApp; it has shaken up the way we communicate. Yet, you may have come across some limitations on WhatsApp while using it on your iPhone. For example, when you want to send a picture via WhatsApp from your iPhone without losing quality.

When to replace an iPhone battery?

Over time, of course, the iPhone battery wears out, and we need to know when to change it to enjoy our favourite Apple device to the fullest at all times.

Everything You Need To Know about iPhone SE (2022)’s camera

The all-new iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone on the market, perfect for anyone looking to get into the world of iPhones.

What to do if you see a liquid-detection alert on your iPhone?

The arrival of summer and good weather means you’ll need to take care not to get your iPhone wet. Want to know how to protect your iPhone from water?

5 Best iPhone 13 Camera Tips & Tricks you need to know!

Without a doubt, the iPhone 13's camera is incredible. Have you had the chance to explore it yet? We're here to help you discover every last detail. Most of these will work for you whether you have an iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13 with two cameras or an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max with three cameras.

Mac mini vs iMac - What are the differences?

Design: Mac Mini vs iMac

Design is the first difference we encounter when comparing the Mac mini vs. iMac:

iPad Support: How to connect mouse to an iPad

The iPad has been compatible with a mouse and trackpad for years now. Any iPad upgraded to the latest version of iPadOS can be connected to a mouse. Remember! Update your iPad in Settings > General > Software Update.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 13: What are the differences in specs?

The feature that attracted the most attention when iPhone SE 3rd generation was launched was its Chip. The iPhone SE hides the same processor as the iPhone 13 inside, the A15 Chip. So, if they are equally powerful, are they so different? Carry on reading to find out!

Safari vs Chrome - Which is faster on Mac?

Safari is Apple's browser, and Chrome is Google's browser. Both are ultra-popular, and it's normal to question which one you should use on your Mac. Here we will look at both advantages so that you can make the best decision.

iPad Air vs iPad 10.2 inch: What are the differences?

Mac Studio vs iMac : What are the differences?

The first thing to consider when comparing a Mac Studio vs an iMac is the concept of a computer.

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