How to clear iCloud Storage.

iCloud is on all of our Apple devices, although you’ll probably use it most on your iPhone and Mac. You can store many things in iCloud, and you may not realise that a lot of it is there. For example, iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone or uploads documents on your Mac desktop to the cloud.

iPhone Basics: How to Set Up New iPhone

It may seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. The box consists of your new iPhone that comes with a charging cable. This charging cable has USB-C on one side, and on the other side is the iPhone charger, called the Lightning Cable.

Which ipad is best for students?

An iPad can be used to search the internet, edit photos, create presentations or even work on graphic design.

Windows on M1 Mac: How to install windows on Mac?

Traditionally, Macs have always been compatible with Windows. This was because their processors were Intel, and installing Windows on a Mac was as simple as launching an App called Boot Camp. This application came pre-installed on the Mac and was designed to split the hard drive in two and install Windows.

How to find your car using the iPhone

Do you know what the best thing is? A simple and really useful function. Remember where you parked your car, thanks to the iPhone.

Which iPhone has the best camera? A close look at different iPhone cameras.

How do you take a screenshot on a Mac?

There are many ways to take a screenshot on a Mac. You can capture the entire screen, or just specific parts of it, and even send the screenshots by email without having to save them.

Apple Pencil 1 vs Apple Pencil 2: - What’s the Difference between them?

Did you know there are two generations of Apple Pencil? Do you want to know the differences between them? Apple Pencil 1 vs Apple Pencil 2, let’s take a look!

Everything You Need to know About Spatial Audio on Airpods

Spatial audio is synonymous with surround sound. Until now, stereo sound has been delivered to our ears in a flat form. That is the same amount and level of music on both the left and the right.

Fast Charging on iPhone : How to charge iPhone faster

The Apple iPhone is part of us. We want it to charge as quickly as possible to continue using it when this happens. Today, you will discover how to charge an iPhone faster to have 50% more battery in just 30 minutes.

How to check battery health on MacBook?

What is the health of your Mac's battery?

Knowing the health of your Mac’s battery helps us to understand its condition, whether we are taking good care of it. The first thing to know is that the Mac battery is made of the best materials, but that doesn't prevent it from degrading over the years. Why? The battery is an organic element and, like a car battery, there comes a time in its life when performance is no longer equal.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac?

You will be able to use your iPhone screen on the Mac wirelessly. By the way, this trick also works for the iPad. What do I need to do? First, a couple of things need to be checked to make sure that everything is working properly:

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