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If you made it here looking for a new iPhone, then you already know why they are one of the most advanced and innovative mobile phones, and why iSTYLE is the ideal place to purchase Apple products in Dubai. As Apple’s premium reseller, we are committed to bringing you the best iPhones in UAE at affordable prices and with flexible payment options. So if you’re looking for an iPhone upgrade, we’ve got you covered, you don’t need to queue outside a store since we conveniently bring you the latest high-quality smartphones to your home; the brand new iPhone.

Explore The All-New iPhone 11 Features

iSTYLE brings you the most extensive collection of Apple products and iPhones, including the recently launched new iPhone 11 with its subtle yet powerful upgrades. The new phone has a unique ultra-wide camera, new Apple Pencil support and an updated face ID system. The iPhone 11 proves how Apple will forever be redefining innovation and technology with the launch of every new device. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max are available in 64GB, 128 GB and 256GB storage spaces. It also comes in a renewed collection of unique colours with an A13 Bionic processor, guaranteeing higher battery life and advanced performance.

Learn More About the New iPhone 11 Features

The Apple newest iPhone is known for its ultra-wide dual camera, ultra-wide lenses and the telephote feature which means a longer focal length for faraway subjects. The ultra-wide camera (13 mm) gives you a 120° field of view for four times more scene, wider photos and up to three times faster autofocus in low light. It’s also available in six stunning colours and a 6.1-inch all-screen Liquid Retina LCD design, making it the most robust glass in a smartphone. The phone also features an A13 Bionic chip to guarantee an all-day lasting battery life and unmatched fast-charge technology. Finally, it has the most secure facial authentication ever found in a smartphone (Face ID), which proves to be safer than Touch ID.

iPhone 11 Prices in UAE

iPhone 11 64GB Black AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB Black AED 2,709
iPhone 11 256GB Black AED 3,129
iPhone 11 64GB Green AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB Green AED 2,709
iPhone 11 256GB Green AED 3,129
iPhone 11 64GB (PRODUCT)RED AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB (PRODUCT)RED AED 2,709
iPhone 11 256GB (PRODUCT)RED AED 3,129
iPhone 11 64GB White AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB White AED 2,709
iPhone 11 256GB White AED 3,129
iPhone 11 64GB Purple AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB Purple AED 2,709
iPhone 11 64GB Yellow AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB Yellow AED 2,709

*5% VAT included


- Where can I get the latest iPhone 11?

The best place to get your new iPhone 11 is from Apple’s premium reseller, iSTYLE. You can order your phone online or visit us in our store locations in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

- In what colours is the iPhone 11 series available?

Your iPhone SE will be delivered to you within 24 hours if you’re located in Dubai, free of charge. Delivery is free across UAE.

- In what colours is iPhone 11 available?

iPhone 11 is available in these six elegant colours: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Purple and Black.

- Does iPhone 11 come with Airpods?

AirPods, wireless charging docks, phone cases, photography tools, and other iPhone accessories are all available at iSTYLE. However, it does not come complimentary with your iPhone 11.

- What are iPhone 11 dimensions?

This elegantly small iPhone has a brilliant 4.7 inches Retina HD display and is 138.4 mm (5.45 inches) in height, 67.3 mm (2.65 inches) in width and its depth is 7.3 mm (0.29 inch).

- What’s iPhone 11’s size?

iPhone 11 is 150.9 mm (5.94 inches) in height, its width is 75.7 mm (2.98 inches), and its depth is 8.3 mm (0.33 inches).