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Mega power. Mini sized.

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Magic Keyboard

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iPad Price in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi - UAE

ModelPrice (Including of VAT)
iPad 10.2 inch Starting from AED 1,349
iPad 10.9 inch Starting from AED 1,399
iPad Air (2020) Starting from AED 1,899
iPad mini (2021) Starting from AED 2,129
iPad Air (2024) Starting from AED 2,499
iPad Air 2022 Starting from AED 3,099
iPad Pro (2021) Starting from AED 3,199
iPad Pro M2 (2022) Starting from AED 3,299
iPad Pro M4 (2024) Starting from AED 4,199


- Where should I buy an iPad in Dubai?

The best place to buy an iPad in Dubai is from Apple’s premium reseller, iSTYLE. You can order your iPad online or visit us in our iSTYLE store locations in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras al Khaimah.

- What are the different types of iPads?

The iPad mainly comes in 3 variants which are the iPad Pro, iPad Air & iPad Mini.

- How long does it take for me to receive my iPad in Dubai?

Your iPad will be delivered to you within 24-72 hours across Dubai & UAE.

- Which is the latest iPad?

The latest iPad was launched in May 2024, in which Apple introduced the iPad Air M2 2024 & iPad Pro M4 2024.

- Which iPad has the best battery health?

The iPads are known to have excellent battery health while comparing other smart tables on the market. However, comparing all new iPads, The iPad Pro M4 has the best battery life, which lasts for an easy 10+hours of use.

- Which iPad consists of a TB storage?

The iPad Pro M1, iPad Pro M2 & iPad Pro M4 can be purchased in 1TB & 2 TB storage, making it the highest storage space an iPad device has ever had!

- Does the iPad support cellular connectivity?

All iPads come in two variations which are iPad WiFi (non-cellular version) and iPad WiFi + Cellular (cellular version).

- Does iSTYLE offer Tabby payment plans on iPads?

No, iSTYLE doesn’t offer Tabby payments. However, we offer Tamara payment plans, which is similar to Tabby in functionality. Tamara provides a Buy now, pay later scheme in which you can split the payment of the iPad into four-installment payment plans.