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We do great things for businesses with Apple. Our team makes sure to integrate hardware, software, services and solutions in the best way that fits your business needs

Deployment Solutions
Deployment Solutions

Apple Business Manager

Getting you up and running as quickly as possible
✓ Apple Business Manager is a new place for your IT teams to automate device deployment, purchase/distribute content, and manage roles in your organizations.
✓ The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are seamlessly integrated into Apple Business Manager making it easier to bring together everything needed to deploy iOS devices, Mac computers, and Apple TV.

MDM Softwares

Providing a full range of Mobile Device Management solution
✓ Mobile Device Management solutions will help you set up, manage, and protect your Apple devices.
✓ Be assured that the end users will have the resources, apps and services they need while simultaneously having the devices updated and secured.
✓ With Apple Device Management Solutions, you will be able to automatically complete all of these responsibilities all while ensuring an insanely great customer experience.

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Support Service

On-site support:

✓ offers on-site support, where a dedicated technical account manager can be called out to address IT concerns with both Apple iOS and Apple macOS, on your premises.

Hardware support:

✓ With hardware malfunction, we pick-up, repair (replace) & drop back your devices. In the meantime, we can provide you with a replacement unit (T&C apply).

Support Service


Service Level Agreement

Businesscare is our hassle-free service level agreement that can fit any business. You can choose your needed and preferred support: remote support, on-site support or hardware support.

Remote support:

✓ offers on-demand support from our service desk. Contact us via phone or e-mail and our experienced engineers will guide you in resolving your hardware or IT issue.

Financial Service
Financial Services

Credit terms

Credit means greater flexibility
✓ We offer credit terms to our business partners based on their budget and needs.

Trade in

The latest Apple product at a lower price
✓ We help you upgrade to a new environment by buying back your old devices and put it towards an investment in your new Apple products


The ideal lease that benefits your cash flow
✓ We make sure that your IT environment is up to date. Invest in the latest technologies and devices while you maintain your cash flow with a minimal initial investment.

iSTYLE Programs
iSTYLE Programs

iSTYLE Program for Employees (IPE)

iSTYLE gives your employees the best products
✓ We provide you the right Apple products in a seamless and cost efficient way.

iSTYLE Program for Corporate (IPC)

Give the facility for ideal procurement
✓ We provide a new model that would enhance the experience of procurement and end customer while you maintain an easy process at lower costs.

Meet the team

Abhijeet Bhose

Abhijeet Bhose

B2B Sales Manager

Hamza Al-Tabaa

Hamza Al-Tabaa

Sr. Account Manager

Wasir Bin Kashem

Wasir Bin Kashem

Account Manager

Eben Thomas

Eben Thomas

Account Manager

Sameh Khaled

Sameh Khaled

Account Manager

Apple family
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Trade in TOP UP- up to AED 500 | Free Bag | 25% of on Apple Care | Free Express Delivery
when you trade in your old Laptop*
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Exclusive for Business

✓ Trade in TOP UP - Value up to AED 500
✓ Free Bag + 25% off on AppleCare+
✓ Free Express Delivery within 24 hours

Keep your business moving with AppleCare for Enterprise

AppleCare for Enterprise includes flexible service options, onsite hardware service, and next-business-day device replacement great for middle businesses, or large educational institutions. AppleCare for Enterprise is 2, 3 and 4 years licenses agreement. Each agreement requires a minimum corporate owned 50 devices within the first 12 months.

IT department-level coverage

Customers get IT department–level support via phone or email for Apple deployment programs, hardware, software, mobile device management (MDM), Active Directory, and cross-platform integration. It’s great for IT departments new to troubleshooting macOS, iOS, or iPadOS.

Technical support for employees

Employees get 24/7 technical support over the phone with Apple hardware, Apple-branded software, and personal accounts or settings. This helps reduce the load on the customer’s internal help desks, especially if they’re unfamiliar with macOS, iOS, or iPadOS.

Onsite hardware service

Where available, Apple provides service , using only genuine Apple parts, provide onsite hardware service within the next business day—helping reduce downtime. Onsite hardware service coverage is available for 2, 3 and 4 years licenses from the hardware purchase date.

Additional device repair and replacement

Up to 4% of Mac computers can be repaired or up to 10% of iPhone or iPad devices can be replaced for any reason, including accidental damage. Apple repairs or replaces devices as soon as the next business day— essential for customers who don’t have a device replacement process or who need to offset accidental damage costs.

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