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If you made it here looking for a new iPhone, then you already know why they are one of the most advanced and innovative mobile phones, and why iSTYLE is the ideal place to purchase Apple products in Dubai. we are committed to bringing you the best iPhones in UAE at affordable prices and with flexible payment options. So if you’re looking for an iPhone upgrade, we’ve got you covered, you don’t need to queue outside a store since we conveniently bring you the latest high-quality smartphones to your home; the brand new iPhone.

Explore The All-New iPhone 11 Features

iSTYLE brings you the most extensive collection of Apple products and iPhones, including the recently launched new iPhone 11 with its subtle yet powerful upgrades. The new phone has a unique ultra-wide camera, new Apple Pencil support and an updated face ID system. The iPhone 11 proves how Apple will forever be redefining innovation and technology with the launch of every new device. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max are available in 64GB, 128 GB and 256GB storage spaces. It also comes in a renewed collection of unique colours with an A13 Bionic processor, guaranteeing higher battery life and advanced performance.

Buy iPhone SE in Dubai

iPhone SE is one of the most affordable high-quality iPhones, which packs the most powerful chip into the most popular iPhone size. Buy iPhone SE in Dubai form Apple’s premium reseller, iSTYLE. The phone has the advanced features of iPhone 11 Pro in iPhone SE size, that is smaller and more elegant than ever. It enjoys an A13 Bionic chip which makes your experience very smooth and convenient.

Buy iPhone XR in Dubai

iPhone XR has the most advanced LCD technology in the smartphone industry with a fast facial recognition feature and a smart and powerful chip. It enjoys an innovative backlight design which allows the screen to stretch beautifully into corners, giving you real colours and true-to-life pictures. Finally, the iPhone XR is curated with exceptional materials to have a more durable front glass than any other smartphone ever, in addition to dust and water resistance.

Buy iPhone XS MAX in Dubai

This iPhone is the definition of big screens with the largest display in any iPhone and faster face recognition than ever. It brings together the most powerful and smartest chip and a breakthrough dual-camera system in a bigger iPhone! Add to all these features exceptional material and durable front glass, which makes it advanced, elegant and water and dust resistant at the same time.

iPhone Price in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi)

iPhone 11 Starting from AED 2,799
iPhone 11 Pro Starting from AED 4,019
iPhone Pro Max Starting from AED 4,439
iPhone SE Starting from AED 1,699
iPhone Xs Max Starting from AED 2,899
iPhone XR 64GB Starting from AED 2,199

*5% VAT included


-Where should I buy iPhones in Dubai?

The best place to buy iPhone in Dubai is from Apple’s premium reseller, iSTYLE. You can order your phone online or visit us in our store locations in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

- In what colours is the latest iPhone series available?

The iPhone 11 is available in yellow, black, white, purple, red and green. iPhone 11 Pro and Max, however, are available in other colours like gold, space grey, silver and midnight-green shade. The iPhone SE comes in black, white and attractive red.

- Does the iPhone come with AirPods?

AirPods, wireless charging docks, phone cases, photography tools, and other iPhone accessories are all available at iSTYLE. However, it does not come complimentary with your iPhone.