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iPad Air M2 vs iPad Air M1: What’s the Difference?

Our Apple experts at iSTYLE identify the major differences between the iPad Air M2 vs iPad Air M1. Find out the difference in screen size, design, Processor, and much more. Read to know more at iSTYLE Apple UAE.

They are already here! The new iPad Air burst in to diversify the range we have never seen before. And no, we were not wrong: The iPad Air, plural! Now, getting a large-screen iPad is easier than ever.

With the introduction of the iPad Air M2 and iPad Air M1, users are now spoilt for choice like never before when it comes to selecting a large-screen iPad. This is your chance to take control and choose the iPad that perfectly suits your needs.

The iPad Air range will change completely from now on. We can no longer talk about a single model but rather two different models, and thanks to the M2 chip, there has been an increase in power. Let's look at all the differences compared to previous models to see everything that has changed!

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We are facing one of the most significant changes to the iPad in its entire history, and this iPad Air takes the cake, becoming a range with various sizes. In addition, we have more details, which we will see below.

iPad Air M1 vs iPad Air M2: Differences in Screen

We can no longer talk about a single size of 10.9 inches for the iPad Air: we are now talking about two sizes of 11 inches and 13 inches with the Liquid Retina panel that offers us a range of colors never seen on an LCD screen. Thanks to this, it is now much more accessible to have a giant iPad, being able to choose this one before the iPad Pro, starting from AED 4199.

An additional detail: now the FaceTime camera of the iPad Air is located on the widest side of the device, so that video calls look better using the iPad in landscape and we remain more centered.

iPad Air M1 vs iPad Air M2: Difference in Design

The overall design of the iPad Air continues to have the same iconic style, with four new colors: Space Gray, Blue, Purple and Starlight. We also still have the same lock button with built-in Touch ID, providing biometric security when unlocking the device.

iPad Air M1 vs iPad Air M2: Difference in Processor Chipsets

Going from the M1 chip to the M2 chip in the iPad Air is not just about doing a simple sum: thanks to this change, the iPad Air is now up to 50% faster than its predecessor. And maintain the same efficiency that allows you to use the iPad throughout the day without worrying about its battery.

We also must recognize the iPad Air as a great gaming machine: the M2 chip gives it a 10-core GPU ready to run the most demanding titles from the App Store and Apple Arcade.

iPad Air M1 vs iPad Air M2: Difference in Accessories

The iPad Air still has the Magic Keyboard that provides it with a keyboard and a trackpad, ideal for using it as if it were a Mac with the extended functions of iPadOS 17.

But the biggest difference is the arrival of the new Apple Pencil Pro, which incorporates a multitude of functions such as the squeeze gesture and the ability to rotate the pencil to change the orientation of the digital brush you are using. Plus, the new Apple Pencil Pro integrates with the Find My network so you can easily locate it just like an AirTag.

How to Control iPad using Mac

Summary of differences between iPad Air M2 vs iPad Air M1

Characteristics iPad Air M2 iPad Air M1
Total CPU cores 8 cores (4 performance and 4 efficiency) 8 cores (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
GPU graphics cores 10 cores 8 cores
Neural Engine Cores: 16 cores 16 cores
From 128 GB to 1 TB From 64 to 256 GB
Weight 462 grams (11 inches) or 617 grams (13 inches) 461 grams
Camera 12 megapixels 12 megapixels

The arrival of these new iPad Air enriches the range, so we now have all these models available:

  • The iPad Mini 6th Generation is the smallest and most portable model, ideal for those who move a lot and want to go light.
  • The iPad 10th Generation is now the most affordable option for anyone who wants an iPad suitable for general use.
  • The new iPad Air with M2 chip, as we have just developed, is suitable for those looking for a large screen size without maximum power. A real alternative for anyone looking for something more for their iPad.
  • The new iPad Pro with M4 chip, regardless of the screen size you choose, is the best for those looking for maximum power, the best that Apple can provide in that device format.

Do you want to see all the details of the new iPad Air? Next week you can try them in our iSTYLE stores, starting May 15! The most extensive range of iPads ever seen is just a few days away.