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General information
Each MacCare (and its services) are associated with a single device.
It will be activated and related to the serial number of the device with which it is associated.
The MacCare pack includes the following product and services for one year from the date of purchase:
- Setup service - in case of a new or replaced Mac model
- One (1) Hard-shell cover protector for Mac
- Mac Loaner service
- Telephone Assistance Service for theft or loss

The customer has the right to get a total refund of the MacCare within 14 days of their purchase (only if the screen protector is unopened).
In case of return, the customer must return the Hard-shell Cover in perfect condition, without discrediting and not having used any of the product or services included.

MacCare does not cover in any case the value of the associated device or part of it in case it requires repair or replacement due to any type of physical damage: accident, misuse, theft or loss, contact with liquids, fire, earthquakes or any other external cause.

The products and services included in MacCare are sold and provided by iSTYLE Computers LLC.

Hard-Shell Protection
MacCare include one (1) Hard-shell Cover and will be delivered to the customer at the time of purchase. The service includes, if the client wishes, the placement of the protective glass.

The choice of one of these models by the customer is subject to store availability at the time of purchase.

If, for some reason, the Hard-shell cover suffers some kind of damage, breakage, theft or loss, MacCare does not include the replacement of it.

The setup service includes the switching on of the new device, Touch ID or unlock code, configuration as a new Mac and activation of contact synchronization, email and customer’s iCloud account in case of a new or replaced Mac model. For this, it will be necessary for the customer to know their accounts and respective passwords.

The customer will have to be aware of his Apple ID and password for synchronizing his new device with his iCloud account.

The customer must have previously made a full backup of their device. iSTYLE is not responsible in any way for the loss of information that may be caused during commissioning.

The setup may be carried out by any of the specialized or technical advisors at iSTYLE.
Mac loaner
This service consists of the loan of an Mac, property of iSTYLE, when the client requests a repair of his Mac through the technical service of iSTYLE.

The replacement Mac service will be provided exclusively in those cases in which the customer requests a repair of their Mac associated with MacCare through the iSTYLE technical service. The device loan will cover the repair period of the device.

The borrowed device will be an Mac in good condition and may be a different model, capacity or features than the one delivered by the customer for repair.

The provision of this service will be formalized by signing a loan agreement between the client and iSTYLE. The contract may include the request of a deposit of AED 700 as well as penalties for the non-return in time and form of the device by the client. During the replacement Mac loan, the customer is responsible for any damage (software and hardware) that it could suffer during the duration of the contract, as well as for its loss or theft.

Assistance for theft or loss
Assistance for theft or loss of the device is a call service that is offered from our Apple Experts through the store numbers found on our website from Sunday to Saturday, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM.
In order to perform the services included in the assistance for theft or loss, it is strictly necessary that the iCloud account be previously linked and configured with your device. In the same way as to access the location service, the “Find my Mac” function must be activated. The customer must be aware of their ID and password in order for our Apple expert to provide this service.

In case of theft or loss of your device, as long as it is on, with Internet connection and location activated; It will be possible to locate your Mac. In the event that your device is turned off or out of coverage, you will be offered the last location in which it was active.

Whether your Mac is on or not, this service can block your device by activating the “Lost mode”, showing on the terminal screen the message you want, followed by a trusted Mac that can be called in case the device is found by a third person. If your Mac is turned off or out of coverage, it can also be locked; notifying the customer via email of the recent activation of their Mac and their respective location.

For security reasons, in the event that the client requests the irreversible deletion of the data from their terminal, the procedure to be followed will be carried out by the client, owner of the device, with the help of the help desk, from his own equipment, and continuing the steps that the system will request to proceed with the deletion of your device.