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iSTYLE Money iSTYLE Money

iSTYLE Money is a set of exclusive vouchers that we give away during specific campaigns. Customers can redeem these in iSTYLE stores on their favorite Apple products like Macbooks, iPads, Watches and Accessories.

4 types of iSTYLE Money vouchers

Voucher type Value (AED) Condition
AED 50 Accessory voucher 50 Can be redeemed on any Accessories (except services, protection plans & gift cards) worth AED 150 or more
AED 50 Watch voucher 50 Can be redeemed on any Apple Watch worth AED 1500 or more
AED 100 iPad voucher 100 Can be redeemed on any iPad worth AED 1999 or more
AED 200 Mac voucher 200 Can be redeemed on any Mac, iMac or Mac Mini worth AED 2999 or more

Terms and conditions
for iSTYLE Money vouchers:

  • Validity: 6 months from the date of issue. Can be redeemed only at iSTYLE stores

  • Cannot be used on a discounted product or combined with any existing promotion. Customer can choose either one - existing Promotion or iSTYLE Money voucher.

  • One voucher can be used for one device purchase, multiple vouchers cannot be combined together

  • Accessory voucher is only valid on hardware accessory purchases like covers, cases, keyboards, pencil etc. NOT valid on any services like AppleCare+, PYD, iSTYLECare, Accessories care, troubleshooting services, iTunes gifts cards, iSTYLE Gift cards etc.