Which ipad is best for students?

An iPad can be used to search the internet, edit photos, create presentations or even work on graphic design.

When it comes to finding the best iPad for studying, you’ll need to ask yourself, what am I going to learn, and how much am I going to rely on the iPad? Read on as we list the different features of all the iPad models to make it easier for you to choose the best iPad for studying.

iPad Performance and processor

All current iPad models have a powerful, full-featured processor from the A13 chip in the cheapest iPad (iPad 10.2") to the M1 chip in the iPad Pro.

  • If the iPad is to be used for note-taking and managing documents, the iPad 10.2" iPad's A13 chip is more than sufficient and probably the best iPad for studying.
  • For heavy iPad use, such as 3D rendering or photo and video editing, we recommend the iPad Air with the A14 chip or the iPad Pro with the M1 chip.

iPad for Student

iPad Screen Sizes

There are a variety of screen sizes within the iPad family. All of them are very well-suited to studying and are roughly the size of a notebook.

  • The iPad 9th gen has a 10.2" display
  • The iPad Air has a10.9" display
  • The iPad Pro comes with an 11" or a 12.9" display

The brightness and technology of the screen are also significant, especially if you will be studying with the iPad in bright places.

  • The 10.2" iPad has a traditional display that's perfect for indoor and occasional outdoor use.
  • The iPad Air and iPad Pro have screens that feature an anti-reflective coating and higher brightness levels.

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iPad for Student


There's no doubt about it. The best iPad for studying for the battery is all of them! The iPad is a true king in the battery department. All models have up to 10 hours of uninterrupted run time, capable of lasting all day without a problem and probably most of the week!


Both the 10.2" iPad and iPad Air start with 64GB of storage, and you can expand up to 256GB. On the other hand, the iPad Pro starts at 128GB and goes up to 1TB. If you rely on the cloud and are fairly organised, 64GB will be more than enough.

Model Processor Screen size Anti-reflective coating Battery Minimum storage
iPad Pro M1 Chip 11'' and 12.9'' Yes 10 hours 128GB
iPad Air A14 Chip 10.9'' Yes 10 hours 64GB
iPad 10.2'' A13 Chip 10.2'' No 10 hours 64GB

Using Apple Pencil on the iPad

As you can see, all iPad models are robust and feature good screens, great battery life, and much more. The difference between them can be found in their accessories.

iPad for Student

iPad 10.2" Apple Pencil and Keyboard

The 10.2" iPad is compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, Apple's 1st generation keyboard for the iPad. These are fantastic and will help you get all your jobs done.

iPad Air and iPad Pro Keyboard and Apple Pencil

Both the iPad Air and iPad Pro use the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and 2nd generation Smart Keyboard Folio. The new Apple Pencil is more convenient, magnetically attaches to the iPad and doesn't need to be charged.
The Smart Keyboard Folio covers both the front and back of the iPad, so you won't need a separate iPad case. These accessories make the iPad Air the best iPad for studying.
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Model Keyboardr Apple Pencil Keyboard + Trackpad
iPad Pro 2nd gen Smart Keyboard Folio 2nd gen Apple Magic Keyboard + Third-party brands
iPad Air 2nd gen Smart Keyboard Folio 2nd gen Apple Magic Keyboard + Third-party brands
iPad 10.2" 1st gen Smart Keyboard 1st gen Third-party brands

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