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What's new with FaceTime 2021

The WWDC held on June 7th announced many new features, especially with FaceTime, the platform for making video calls on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Let us tell you all about them in this blog.

FaceTime available to all devices

Want to video call your friend who doesn't have an iPhone, but you don't want to download an app? We've got the solution.
FaceTime, the app for making calls, is no longer exclusive to iOS, iPadOS or macOS. Last June 7th it was announced that FaceTime will be available for Android and Windows thanks to a new web version. No more excuses for delaying video calls – have you ever used Zoom or Google Meet? FaceTime is going to be very similar: you can access it via a link that will open in your usual web browser.

SharePlay – the top feature of FaceTime 2021

Have FaceTime conversations while watching TV shows or movies, listen to music or share your screen with SharePlay. It's a whole new way to have experiences with family and friends, no matter how far away they are.

Watch a movie together with FaceTime

If you want to watch a movie together, this new SharePlay feature is perfect. With synchronized playback and controls, you'll see everyone laughing, jumping and reacting to the same moments at the same time. And the volume adjusts automatically so you can keep talking while you watch.


Listen to a song together with FaceTime

Do the same with the music, press Play and everybody can enjoy the rhythm at the same time.

together with FaceTime

Screen sharing with FaceTime

Share the screen with all members of the FaceTime call. Preparing a trip together, swiping through a photo album or planning the next group vacation is now easier than ever. Everything is seen at the same time and it doesn't interfere with the conversation.

screen sharing with FaceTime

New interface and improved sound for FaceTime 2021

Individual voices sound as if they are coming from the direction in which each person is positioned on the screen, which helps conversations flow more naturally. This new technology is called Spatial audio.

  • New grid view :When you make a group call, you will see who is talking: their square is highlighted and becomes a little bigger than the rest of the FaceTime participants. It's great for conversations where there are man people as the view is automatically directed and makes communication easier.
  • Voice isolation:The improved sound means that you can ignore the noise outside. Imagine riding on a noisy train or bus, and just by pressing a button only you will be heard.

All the FaceTime 2021 updates will arrive in September. Until then we can only wait, but at least the sun and summer will make it easy for us.