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iPhone Voice Isolation Mode - What is it & How to use it?

Our apple experts at iSTYLE provide steps to activate the iPhone voice isolation mode feature. Learn what it is and how it can help you in busy streets or noisy situations.

The voice isolation mode of the iPhone helps you to have better voice quality in phone calls and audio recordings. How do you activate it? We'll teach you all about it.

How does Voice isolation mode improve call and audio quality?

The iPhone's voice isolation mode uses intelligent algorithms to enhance the quality of your voice and isolate you from surrounding noises.

This is ideal for talking on the phone on the street or sending audio in a noisy area.

What do you need to activate voice isolation mode?

  • An iPhone Xs or newer
  • Having the iPhone updated to the latest version of the operating system

What are the Steps to activate voice isolation mode

You need to activate voice isolation mode once you have started the call, otherwise, the option will not be available since voice analysis is performed on the iPhone itself to protect your privacy. At no time is your voice sent to a server to be analyzed.

Step 1 - Start a phone call
Step 2 - Go to the control center and tap on the microphone
Step 3 - Choose voice isolation mode

And that's it! You will have activated voice isolation mode on your iPhone. The mode selection only applies to the app you used to call or send the audio. Once you have set it, it will be saved in that app until you change it again.

Now that we know how to activate voice isolation mode,discover more tricks for your iPhone, Check out some tips and tricks at our iSTYLE blogs and master the hacks of using the iPhone.