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iPhone Battery Sharing - iPhone 15 can Charge another iPhone

Yes, it's true, you can now charge an iPhone with another iPhone. How do you do that? Which iPhone models have this feature?

You're out and about and suddenly you realise your iPhone is running out of battery. Can you imagine how convenient it would be to be able to charge it with your friend's or relative's iPhone? Well, now you can! Keep reading to find out which iPhone models have this option and how this type of charging works.

Which iPhones can share battery?

At the moment, the ability to charge an iPhone with another iPhone depends on its connector. To use this function, your iPhone must have a USB-C charging port. In other words, this feature is currently available in the entire iPhone 15 family:

iPhone Charging Hack: Powering Up Your iPhone with Another iPhone

But how do you charge it? How do I know which iPhone will transfer battery power to another one? To charge one iPhone with another, the first thing you need is a cable with a USB-C to USB-C connection. Connect each cable end to an iPhone and watch how these two iPhones automatically communicate to know which one has a lower battery percentage and therefore will start charging the one that needs a battery boost.

For example, if your iPhone has 35% battery life and you connect it to your company's iPhone with 80% battery, you’ll see on your iPhone's dynamic island that the 35% battery has started charging. That’s all there is to it!

And there’s more! Thanks to this USB-C connector on the iPhone 15, you can also charge other Apple devices such as your AirPods or Apple Watch. Just as it was already possible to charge your iPhone with your iPad, in this case regardless of whether it has USB-C or not. And if a friend or family member has an Android device with USB-C, you can also charge it with your iPhone.

If you thought the Apple devices already had long-lasting batteries, now, with the possibility of playing with this extra charge between them, you can extend battery life even more. Incredible, right?

And, if you found this trick on how to charge your iPhone with another iPhone interesting, we remind you that there’s an entire category on our blog devoted to iPhone tricks. Take a look and get the most out of your flagship Apple device.

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