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iPad Pro M4 vs iPad Pro M2: Differences between iPad Pro M4 and iPad Pro M2

Our Apple experts at iSTYLE identify the significant differences between the iPad Pro M4 and iPad Pro M2. Find out the difference between design, display, processor, etc. Read to know more at iSTYLE Apple UAE.

After months of waiting, we finally have the new iPad Pro! And with them come new features that make them the most capable and powerful to date. Let's compare its specifications with those of the models with M2 chip to see all the differences.

The new iPadare here! And with them, a new range of iPad Pros wants to take their professional possibilities further. And how: now the iPad Pro has Apple's new M4 chip, the new step forward from Apple Silicon to offer outstanding power in something as small as an 11-inch device. Let's see all the new features and differences with previous iPad Pros!

Don't let their external appearance confuse you: there are several points to discuss about these new iPad models compared to their predecessors. We can find changes in its design, in its accessories and of course in its specifications.

iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M4 : Difference in Design

At first glance, the new iPad Pro M4 is very similar to those with the iPad Pro M2 chip, but there are improvements:

  • Now, the iPad Pro is thinner and, therefore, lighter: the 11-inch model measures 5.3 mm thick, while the 13-inch model has become the thinnest Apple device in history, with only 5.1mm thick!
  • The FaceTime camera is now on the wider side of the iPad Pro, offering a more natural position for video conferencing.

iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M4: Difference in Display

The iPad Pro M4 screen is now Ultra Retina XDR on all models. This means that we will enjoy a professional color also in the 11-inch model, especially suitable for those who want an iPad Pro for photography and video work since they can appreciate their work in a high dynamic range without the need to use monitors for desktop professionals.

To achieve its brightness of 1000 nits (or 1600 nits in high dynamic range peaks), the iPad Pro combines two OLED panels in what is now an OLED Tandem, which adds capabilities to a single screen that has no point of comparison in the market. Finally, iPad Pros now have the option of adding a nano-textured finish that prevents reflections.

iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M4: Difference in Processor Chipsets

Inside is where there are the most differences with these new iPad Pros: now the chip inside is the M4, a completely new chip that breaks power barriers in a device of these characteristics. The M4 chip manages to be 150% faster in terms of CPU performance and up to 4 times more powerful when rendering content!

This is possible thanks to its 10 CPU cores and 120 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which allow maximum fluidity in advanced 3D programs and the Ray Tracing technique in the most demanding video games. In raw terms, we are talking about a chip capable of executing 38 billion operations per second.

iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M4: Accessories

The iPad Pro M4 also comes with two new accessories. First of all, we have a redesigned Magic Keyboard, lighter and thinner, which incorporates a new row of function keys (including the ESC key) and a firmer trackpad with aluminum finishes that do not leave you indifferent.

In addition to that new Magic Keyboard, the new Apple Pencil Pro is also here , which combines all the benefits of the second generation Apple Pencil with new features such as the squeeze gesture, rotation and haptic response. Its haptic pointer will show you where you have the cursor without even touching the screen, and you can also easily find the pen thanks to its integration with Search.

iPad Pro M4 vs iPad Pro M2

Summary of Pad Pro M2 and iPad Pro M4 Specification

Features iPad Pro M4 iPad Pro M2
Total CPU cores 10 cores (4 for performance and 6 for efficiency) 8 cores (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
GPU graphics cores 10 cores 10 cores
Neural Engine Cores: 16 cores 16 cores
RAM 8 GB (or 16 on 1 TB or 2 TB storage models) 8 GB (or 16 on 1 TB or 2 TB storage models)
Storage From 256 GB to 2 TB From 128 GB to 2 TB
Camera 12 MP with LiDAR sensor 12 MP with LiDAR sensor
Weight 466 grams (11 inches) or 579 grams (13 inches) 444 grams (11 inches) or 682 grams (13 inches)

This is how the iPad range looks with all the new features, the iPad range is as follows:

  • The iPad Mini is still ideal if you are looking for maximum portability and comfort.
  • The iPad 10th Generation with a 10.9-inch screen is the most standard model and designed for all types of general use, as well as the most economical option with its new price.
  • The new iPad Air with M2 chip appears as a great option for those who want something more than the standard, and now also with the option of getting a larger screen more economically.
  • The new iPad Pro with M4 chip is ideal for those who want the maximum possible performance, Apple's maximum power in a device in this category.

Do you want to see the new iPad Pro in person? Stop by iSTYLE stores and see all these new features with your own hands starting the second week of May!