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iOS 16 Update : All you need to know about iOS 16

Apple launched its latest iOS 16 Update across Apple iPhones. Find out the new features of the iOS 16 and which iPhone devices are supported with the iOS 16.

iOS 16 Update : All you need to know about iOS 16

iOS 16, the new update for the iPhone, will allow us to enjoy our favourite Apple device even more. It surprises us with new features such as personalising the lock screen, creating stickers from a photo, or editing sent messages, among others. Let’s take a look!

iOS 16 :Supported Devices

Check this list to see if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16. If so, congratulations! You’ll be able to enjoy all the new options that we tell you about in the following section.

Which devices are compatible to iOS 16?

iOS 16 Update : All you need to know about iOS 16

Now you know what devices are compatible with iOS 16! And when will we be able to get the new update on our devices? Let’s take a look! iOS 16 will be available this September, so there is very little time left until you can start enjoying these fantastic new features.

iOS 16; What's New

Personalise your lock screen

Personalise your lock screen in one tap with your photos or with different wallpapers. Add the widgets you want: time zone, date, battery level, progress with activity rings, and much more from your favourite apps. You can make hundreds of combinations of colours and shapes. You’re going to love it.

Edit a message you have just sent

Say goodbye to nerves! Have you ever sent a misspelt word? With iOS 16, you'll be able to edit a message you've just sent or undo a message when you need to.

Improved dictation

Are you writing with your fingers and your voice? Yes! Enhanced dictation is now possible on the iPhone. With iOS 16 compatible devices, you'll be able to compose with the keyboard, scroll the cursor, and more.

LiveText in video

With iOS 16, another new feature is LiveText in the video. Imagine you are watching a video on how to perform a task or make your favourite dessert. It’s incredible! You can pause the video to copy the text, translate it, search and share it, among many other possibilities.

Make stickers from a photo

We love this new feature in iOS 16! We’ll be able to separate the subject from the background in a photo, whether a person, a building, a dog, or even food. This functionality will be available in photos, screenshots, quick views, or safari.

iOS 16 Update : All you need to know about iOS 16

Now you know a bit more about iOS 16! Compatible devices and the incredible new features we can expect to come out in September. Want to know more about the world of Apple? We’ll keep you updated with all the news in our iSTYLE blogs.