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Can I Run with Apple Watch without an iPhone?

We call it the Apple Watch; however, we can also call it a personal trainer. Do you want to know how to go for a run with the Apple Watch without the iPhone? We'll tell you how!

The good thing about the Apple Watch is that you have a personal trainer right on your wrist, and it's always available whenever and wherever you want.

With the Apple Watch, you can complete your workout and view real-time data right from your wrist. And you can close those activity rings while you're at it! Whether you have your iPhone with you or not, whether you have the GPS model or an Apple Watch Cellular, forget about those hip-hugging waist packs or the weight of armbands. Leave your iPhone at home and go for a run.

How to go for a run with the Apple Watch without the iPhone?

The Apple Watch has built-in GPS in the device itself, so you can leave your iPhone at home and go for a run without it. They are completely independent.

Of course, you might be thinking that to receive WhatsApp messages or calls, you need an iPhone for the GPS model. And that's true. However, when you go for a run, the last thing you want is to chat between strides. For outdoor running training, you only need GPS, no Internet or eSIM. So, you can go for a run with any Apple Watch without the iPhone.

It's the same case as when you leave your iPhone in the gym locker and go to a Spinning class. The Apple Watch measures your heart rate and the metrics you've configured, even without the iPhone connected. Therefore, when you go for a run, the Apple Watch behaves the same way: it collects data from your workout directly from its built-in GPS.

And, of course, when you've finished running, just like you can view your workouts, you can check the route, times, and measurements like your heart rate on your iPhone. Even when you've left it at home! You just need to access the Fitness app and in History, tap on the last workout.

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How to measure your running workout with the Apple Watch?

If it's your first workout with the Apple Watch, don't worry! We'll give you the steps to record your workout with the Apple Watch and iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
Step 2: Look for "Outdoor Run."
Step 3:Wait for the countdown to end. Or if you can't wait any longer... tap the screen to skip it.
Step 4: When you're done, swipe right on the Apple Watch screen and tap "End." It's the icon at the bottom left, represented by a red cross.
Step 5: Siri can also help you start a workout. Just say something like "start a 5-kilometer walk." It couldn't be easier.

The Apple Watch provides access to all your data right on your wrist, allowing you to view information such as distance covered, pace, and calories burned simply by raising your wrist, enabling you to keep up the pace wherever your body takes you.

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