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Apple Vision Pro: What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro glasses have arrived to revolutionise the VR headset & VR glasses industry. The Apple Vision Pro has a similar buzz compared to the first touchscreen introduced in a smartphone with the iPhone or when the groundbreaking Apple Watch made its way to your wrist. Do you want to be the first to learn about them? Discover all their secrets with us!

3D glasses? Virtual reality glasses? There have been many rumors about what Apple's glasses would be like and the features they would hide. Well, we bring you the answer. The truth is Apple Vision Pro glasses are mixed reality glasses. In other words, they combine virtual reality with augmented reality.

This means you will have an experience where you can seamlessly blend digital content with the world around you while staying present and connected with others. This feature is known as EyeSight.

How do Apple Vision Pro glasses work?

Unlike other virtual or augmented reality glasses that isolate you from your surroundings, Apple Vision Pro glasses provide an almost infinite canvas far beyond a traditional screen's limits. They introduce a three-dimensional interface controlled most naturally and intuitively possible: through your eyes, hands, and voice

Enjoy an infinite screen. The most characteristic feature of these Apple Vision Pro glasses is their nearly infinite 180-degree field of view, with 23 million pixels on two screens. This effectively gives you a screen of about 30 meters for your applications.

Apple Vision Pro Processors: M2 chip and R1 chip

For the first time in an Apple device, we see the combination of two chips responsible for making these Apple Vision Pro glasses even more revolutionary than they appear. The mighty M2 chip simultaneously runs visionOS, executing advanced computer vision algorithms and delivering stunning graphics with the same efficiency you're accustomed to on your Mac. The new R1 chip is explicitly dedicated to processing input from cameras, sensors, and microphones. This means it lets you control the glasses with convenient gestures, voice commands to Siri, or even your eyes when switching between apps.

Apple Vision Pro Battery life

With up to two hours of battery life, you can continue interacting with your environment naturally. If you want to enjoy an even more infinite experience, you can connect the glasses to the power source for unlimited duration.

Apple Vision Pro:  What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro Design

One of the features you were probably eager to learn about is how these Apple glasses will look. Their design is everything you expected but improved. It includes nods to other Apple devices, like the famous Digital Crown, for selecting the level of immersion you desire at any given moment.

The design is divided into several parts. On the one hand, you'll find the uniquely formed and three-dimensional laminated glass that acts as a lens for the wide range of cameras and sensors needed to merge your surroundings with digital content. On the other hand, the light seal is made of a soft and flexible fabric that will conform to your head perfectly. The adjustable straps ensure the audio is close to your ears, and the headband provides the cushioning, breathability, and elasticity you need.

Apple Vision Pro:  What is Apple Vision Pro?

When will Apple Vision Pro glasses be available in the UAE?

For such an incredible product to reach the hands of the end user, we'll have to wait for this revolutionary technology to be manufactured with the care and patience it deserves. It has been announced that it will arrive in the UAE at the beginning of next year with a price tag of close to 12,852 AED. As you know, at iSTYLE, we will be among the first to inform you when they arrive in the UAE. We are already looking forward to trying them out!

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