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iPhone - Apple Authorised Repair

Apple warranty and out of warranty repairs for all models of iPhone.
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iPhone Repair Services we provide:

Our Apple Experts at iSTYLE Authorised Service Center (operated by ABMCARE are specifically trained to repair your iPhone. We provide iPhone repair solutions such as:

iPhone Screen Repair:

We understand that a cracked screen can get quite frustrating, and it is one of the most common issues iPhone users experience. At times, a cracked iPhone screen leads to various touch functionality issues and eventually causing the screen to be inoperable.
At iSTYLE Apple Authorised Service Center (operated by ABMCARE), we use 100% genuine iPhone Screen Replacement parts while fixing your cracked screen. Our Apple experts use Apple supplied tools and guidelines for display replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement:

If you're experiencing battery issues with your iPhone, consider a battery replacement for your iPhone. At iSTYLE Apple Authorised Service Center (operated by ABM care), we offer fast and reliable iPhone battery replacement services for all iPhone models.

iPhone Rear Glass Repair

At iSTYLE , we specialize in providing quality iPhone Back Glass/Rear glass repair services. Our highly skilled Apple experts are trained to deal with cracked or damaged back glass. We strictly use Apple-recommended tools while repairing the iPhone’s rear glass. This helps maintain the iPhone’s aesthetics and also ensures its overall quality.

Other Services we provide:

We offer various other services such as:
● iPhone Rear Glass Repair
● Accidental Damage Repair
● iPhone Audio Repair
● iPhone Camera Repair
● All kinds of iPhone Hardware Repair
We also provide Software Diagnosis, Software Re-installation and Software Updating services for all iPhone devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my iPhone?
The time it takes to repair an iPhone screen can vary depending on the model of the iPhone. However, iSTYLE will provide an estimated repair time before starting your iPhone repair.
Will my data be erased during the iPhone repair process?
It is recommended to back up the iPhone before service to avoid data loss.
How can I check the status of my iPhone repair?
We will provide you with an update on the status of your iPhone repair service, and once your repair is complete, our Apple experts will contact you with the completion status.
Do you provide any warranty for the repair?
As an Apple Authorised Service Center (operated by ABM CARE), we provide a 90 days warranty. Warranty is not applicable if it’s physical damage, liquid ingress, or user misuse.
How long will it take to repair the iPhone’s screen?
We provide an estimated time for your iPhone Screen repair, when you slot a repair with us. However, if there are some complex issues with the iPhone’s screen, there could be a slight delay which we will update our customers in case of any delay.
Does iSTYLE provide iPhone Battery Replacement?
Yes, as an Apple Authorised Service Center (operated by ABM CARE), We at iSTYLE provide iPhone battery replacements if needed.
What other kinds of iPhone repair services does iSTYLE provide?
We provide all kinds of services such as iPhone software diagnostics & iPhone Repair Services.
At iSTYLE we provide repair services such as:
● iPhone Screen Repair
● iPhone Rear Glass Repair
● iPhone Harware Repair
● Accidental Damage Repair