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iPhone - Apple Authorised Repair

Apple warranty and out of warranty repairs for all models of iPhone.
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Other Services we provide:

At Authorised Service Center (operated by ABMCARE), we provide services pertaining to both Software & Hardware :

Software Restoration:

Many of the device performance related issues occur due to either some software getting corrupt or due to inappropriate software installed in the device. Such problems are addressed by thorough diagnosis and restoring the software based on the diagnostics test.

Software Restoration is a paid service offered by Apple Authorised Service Providers at iSTYLE stores (operated by ABMCARE).

At iSTYLE, our Apple Certified Technicians are well trained to diagnose the software issues and help customers with any restoration services required to keep their Apple devices working in perfect condition.

Software Reinstallation:

Software re-installation is done when a genuine software is not installed correctly or the customer has opted to upgrade a specific version of the software, including the operating system. Though this can be done by customers themselves, it is advisable to use the services of experts to ensure nothing gets disturbed in the device during the re-installation process. At iSTYLE, our Apple Certified Technicians are well trained to diagnose software issues and help customers with re-installation services to make their Apple devices function as per the specifications.

Software Upgrade

Update to latest version of OS: iOS or macOS or iPadOS

Hardware Diagnosis:

Diagnosis is a service iSTYLE provides for all devices coming in for repairs. However, in out of warranty cases, customers can get a diagnosis done and obtain a diagnosis report, which they can use for submission to the relevant authorities or to the insurance service providers, before deciding to proceed with the repairs. At iSTYLE Apple Authorised Service Center (operated by ABMCARE), we use our professional tools as provided or approved by Apple to determine the problem with your Apple device, and provide a standard diagnosis report or estimate as requested.

What should you consider before taking your device for service?

Follow these steps before you send your device in for repair or replacement. If it won’t turn on or respond, finish as many steps as possible :

Step 1 - Check the warranty status:

Step 2 - Take a Back up your device.

Step 3 - To protect your data, you may erase your data from the device.

Step 4 - Remove your device from your Apple ID device list.

Step 5 - Remove the SIM card from your iOS device or iPadOS device if it uses one, and keep it in a safe place. If your iOS device doesn’t use a SIM card, contact your wireless service provider to suspend service if necessary.

Step 6 - Remove protective cases or any other accessory.

Why choose our Service center (operated by ABMCARE) as your Repair Service Provider:

● We are Apple Authorised: We take great pride in having over 10 Apple experts that are specifically trained to provide the best repair service you deserve!

● Part replacements with genuine Apple parts only : We are an authorised service provider and we use only genuine spare parts supplied by Apple

● Quick Repairs: As an authorised Apple Service provider, we assure you that most of the repairs are on the same day. For example, iPhone screens can be replaced in under 60 minutes, while we can do iPad screens replacements in a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my iPhone?
The time it takes to repair an iPhone screen can vary depending on the model of the iPhone. However, iSTYLE will provide an estimated repair time before starting your iPhone repair.
Will my data be erased during the iPhone repair process?
There may be data loss during repairs. Therefore, it is highly recommended taking a complete backup of your data.
How can I check the status of my iPhone repair?
We will provide you with an update status on your iPhone repair service, and once your repair is complete, our Apple experts will contact you with the completion status.
Do you provide any warranty for the repair?
As a Apple Authorized Service Center (operated by ABM CARE), we provide a short warranty that is only applicable for the parts replaced if there is any malfunction with the replaced part. Warranty is not applicable if it’s physical damage, liquid ingress, or user misuse.
How long will it take to repair the iPhone’s screen?
We provide an estimated time for your iPhone Screen repair, when you slot a repair with us. However, if there are some complex issues with the iPhone’s screen, there could be a slight delay which we will update our customers in case of any delay.
Does iSTYLE provide iPhone Battery Replacement?
Yes, as a Apple Authorized Service Center (operated by ABM CARE), We at iSTYLE provide iPhone battery replacements if needed.
What other kinds of iPhone repair services does iSTYLE provide?
We provide all kinds of services such as iPhone software diagnostics & iPhone Repair Services.
At Apple Authorized Service Center (operated by ABM CARE) we provide repair services such as:
● iPhone Screen Repair
● iPhone Back Glass Repair
● iPhone Liquid Damage Repair
● iPhone Hardware Repair